Okay, so check this out. We're all on quarantine lockdown. You're here in April of 2020. You're here because you're thinking about signing up for creative writing in 2020-2021. Here are some choices for you. 

Option #1: (worst option)

You don't sign up for creative writing. (Then what are you even doing here?)

Option #2: (good option)

You sign up for creative writing on April 20th (when seniors register) the same way you would for any other class. First come, first served. Good luck. 

Option #3: (best option)

You want to take CW1 first semester and CW2 second semester. If this is you, I'd like to guarantee you a spot in CW1 first semester. Just fill out this form and I will talk to the counselors about getting you registered for the class before the April 20th date. So you will have CW1 first semester (either A1, A3, or A4) and CW2 second semester (A4). 


first semester

A1, A3, A4


second semester


email me if you have any questions


What is

Creative Writing 2?

we make things
we write things
we share things
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