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Write a Review

Explore the cultural offerings around you — from architecture to books, dance, fashion, film, food, music, theater, TV and video games — and write reviews about what you experience.



1. Write a review upload it to the shared folder. (Due 1/18)

2. Read other students' reviews and review them using this rubric. (Due 1/19)

How to upload your review:


-Select ADD TO MY DRIVE from the drop down menu

-Click on the arrow on the left side of MY DRIVE

-Drag your document into the folder REVIEWS FROM SENIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL (2017)

-If you can't figure it out, just share it with me ( and I'll add it


1. Review something that fits into one of the categories of creative expression that The Times reviews.

  • books (fiction, nonfiction and children’s books)

  • video games

  • music (albums and events, popular and classical)

  • movies

  • theater

  • TV shows

  • fashion

  • architecture

  • dance

  • art

  • restaurants


2. Be concise. The review must be 450 words or less, not including the title.


3. Assert an opinion and back it up. A review is not simply a plot summary or description. State an opinion and support it with detail that makes your case.


4. Know your audience. This will be posted online and will be read by your peers. You are writing to other 17-18 year-olds who go to Lone Peak High School. What do they care about?

5. Write something original.

6. Use appropriate and engaging language, and give context. For more on what criticism should do and how, we suggest you read this advice from three Times critics, and use the many models and tips from our related lesson plan.

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