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amnesia project

what is disposable? what is indelible?

Dear Young Scholar,

Congratulations on making it to the end. For your final project, consider the following:


  • What if you got amnesia and forgot everything  about who you are?

  • Who would you turn to in order to remember? 

  • What is disposable and what is indelible?


For your final project in our English 12 class, you will be crafting and telling a story. YOUR story. A snapshot of who you are at this exciting time of your life.

As far as the form your story can take, that is up to you. The curating process for this project will vary: memoir, poetry, letter format, mixed media, or a hybrid form of your making. It is my hope that this project allows you to take some risks in your writing, to have fun exploring various modes of expression, and to think about this type of writing from another perspective—the more creative and thorough, the better.


My greatest hope for you is that you see yourself more clearly, more accurately than ever before and you feel empowered because of it.


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